Hotels Near Buildings in the New York area

Aaron Medical Transport
Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Hall
Abe Stark Center
Ackerson Hall
Actors Studio
Adirondack Building
Advocate Services Medical Transportation
Ageloff Towers
Ahrens Building
Aidekman Research Center
Albert Building
Albina' Spa
Alderice House
Alert Engine Hook Ladder and Hose
Alert Engine Hook Ladder and Hose Company 1 Station 2
Alexander Hamilton Custom House
Alexian Plaza
Alfieri Hall
Alfred E Smith Recreation Center
Alfred Lerner Hall
Alice Tully Hall
Alku Toinen
Alpha Garage
Alpha House
Alpine Theater
Alumni Auditorium
Alumni Gymnasium
Alumni Hall
Alumni Hall
Alumni Hall
Alumni House
Alumni Theatre
Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater
Ambicab Medical Transportation
American Airlines Theatre
American Federation of the Arts
American International Building
American Legion Post Number 310
American Numismatic Society
American Seamen's Friend Society Institute
American Standard Building
American Tract Society Building
Americas Tower
Amsterdam House
Amsterdam Houses
Andre and Bella Meyer Physics Hall
Andrew Freedman Home
Angelika Film Center
Ann J Ferguson Towers
Annenberg Building
Ansonia Court
Ansonia Hotel
Apollo Theatre
Appellate Division New York State Supreme Court
Apthorp Apartments
Aquinas Hall
Arion Hall
Armstrong Hall
Army and Navy Club of America
Art Students League
Arthur A Schomburg Plaza
Arts and Sciences Hall
Asch Building
Asia Society
Asphalt Green Aquacenter
Asphalt Green Sports and Arts Center
Assign Medical Transport
Assist Medical Service
Association of the Bar of the City of New York
Assumptionist Provincial House
Astor Apartments
Astor Court Apartments
Astor Place Building
Astor Place Opera House
Atlantic Theater
Austrian Cultural Institute
Avenel and Colonia First Aid Squad
Avery Fisher Hall
Avery Hall
Bache Plaza
Bancroft Hall
Baptist Home for the Aged
Bar Building
Barclay Building
Barclay-Vesey Building
Bard Hall
Bard Haven Towers
Barnard Hall
Barney Building
Barry Hall
Barrymore Theater
Bartlett Hall
Baskerville Hall
Battery Maritime Building
Baudouine Building
Baum-Rothschild Staff Pavilion
Bay Ridge Hospital - Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation
Bay Ridge Masonic Temple
Bay Way Community House
Bayard Building
Bayley Hall
Bayonne City Hall
Bayonne Hazardous Materials Company 1
Bayview Manor Residence For Senior Citizens
Beacon Theater
Bedford Branch YMCA
Bedford-Stuyvesant Restoration Plaza
Beekman Theatre
Beekman Tower
Begrisch Lecture Hall
Bell Medical Transport
Belleclaire Hotel
Belnord Apartments
Benjamin and Irma G Weiss Research Building
Bennett Building
Bent Hall
Bergen County Jail
Bergen County Juvenile Detention Center
Bergen Generating Station
Berger Hall
Berkley Garage
Bertelsmann Building
Beth Abraham Home for the Incurables
Bethany Methodist Home for the Aged
Betson Hall
Bhraggs Grant Square Senior Citizens Center
Bialystoker Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation
Bigelow Building
Bijou Cinema
Bishop Dougherty Student Center
Bishop's Hall
Bland Community Center
Blanton Hall
Bleecker Court
Bliss Hall
Bloomfield Volunteer Emergency Squad
Blumenthal Student Services Building
Bogota Boro Hall
Bogota First Aid Squad
Bogota Hook and Ladder Company 1
Bogota Hose Company 2
Bogota Hose Company 3
Bohemian Hall
Bohemian National Hall
Bohn Hall
Boland Hall
Bombay Theatre
Bond House
Borinquen Court
Boulevard Theatre
Bouwerie Lane Theatre
Bowditch Hall
Bowker Building
Bowne House
Boxwood Hall
Boyden Hall
Boylan Hall
Bradley Hall
Breslin Auditorium
Brewster Building
Bridgemarket Building
Brighton Towers
Brill Building
Brinckerhoff Hall
Broad Financial Center
Broad Student Center New York Law School
Broadway Chambers Building
Broadway Fashion Building
Broadway Residence Hall
Bronx Boys Club
Bronx County Building
Bronx Family Court
Bronx Grit Chamber Wards Island Water Pollution Control Plant
Bronx House Jewish Community Center
Bronx Task Force Police Station
Brooklyn Academy of Music
Brooklyn Borough Hall
Brooklyn Campus of the VA NY Harbor Healthcare System
Brooklyn College Emergency Medical Squad
Brooklyn Lyceum
Brooklyn Masonic Temple
Brooklyn Men's House of Detention
Brooklyn Municipal Building
Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel Ventilation Building
Brooks Hall
Brotherhood In Action Building
Brownsville Boys Club
Brownsville Recreation Center
Bruce Hall
Bruckner Nursing Home
Bryant Park Building
Bryant Park Studios
Buell Hall
Building Services Employees International Union Headquarters
Burch Hall
Bush Tower
Business and Liberal Arts Center
Butler Hall
Butler Hall
Butterfield House
C V Starr Pavillion
Cabrini Hall
Cabrini Terrace
Cadman Towers
Calcia Fine Arts Building
Caldwell College President's House
Campbell Dome
Campbell Hall
Campus Hall
Care One at Raritan Bay Medical Center
Care One Medical Services
Carey Hall
Carlstadt Municipal Building
Carlton Tower
Carman Hall
Carman Hall
Carnegie Hall Tower
Carteret First Aid Squad
Carteret Jewish Community Center
Cary Building
Casa Hispanica
Casa Italiana
Casa Latina
Casa Promesa
Caspary Auditorium
Caspary Hall
Cast Iron Building
Castilian Towers
Castle Clinton
Castle Day Care
Cathedral Club of Brooklyn
Catholic Center for the Blind
Catholic Orphan Asylum
Center for Continuing Education
Center for Jewish History
Center for Law and Justice
Center For Performing Research
Central Avenue Building
Central Court Building
Central Park Medical Unit
Central Park Place
Central Park Studios
Century Association Building
Century Building
Century Hall
Chandler Hall
Chapel Street Veterans Healthcare Center
Chapin Hall
Charles Broadway Rouss Building
Charles E Merrill Hall
Chatham Green
Chatham Towers
Chelsea Cinemas
Chelsea Market
Chiang Ching Kuo Hall
Child Study Institute
Children's Mansion
Chinese Merchant's Association
Christodora House
Chrysler Building
Chrystie Field House
Chung Pak Building
Cinema Village
City Center Fiftyfifth Street Theater
City Cinemas Village East
City Ice Pavilion
City of New York Shelter for Delinquent Children
Citywide Mobile Response Corporation
Civil Courthouse City of New York
Claremont Youth Center
Clearview's First and 62nd Cinema
Cleveland Hall
Clocktower Gallery
Cobble Hill Cinemas
Cocklin Hall
Colden Center
Coling Medical Transport
Coliseum Cinemas
Collectors Club
College Hall
Collins Hall
Colonnade Building
Colony Club
Colston Residence Hall
Colton Hall
Columbia Boat House
Columbia University Club
Columbus Center
Columbus Circle Station
Columbus Park Towers
Colwin Hall
Commonwealth Building
Community Center of Israel Synagogue
Community Hall
Completely Bar Spa
Compton Hall
Coney Island Lighthouse
Confucius Plaza
Consolidated Edison Astoria Plant
Consolidated Edison Ravenswood Plant
Consulate General of Poland
Consulate of Argentina
Consulate of the Russian Federation
Contello Towers
Continental Center
Continental Illinois Center
Coogan Building
Cooper Union Foundation Building
Copper Ridge Center
Corbin Building
Cornelius Baker Hall of Philosophy
Cornerstone of Medical Arts Center
Cornwell Center
Corrigan Hall
Cosmopolitan Club
Council Hall
Covenant Ballet Theatre
Criminal Court of the City of New York Bronx County Branch
Croisic Building
Cross Chambers
Crossroads Building
Crotona Play Center
Crotona Terrace
Crotonia Professional Building
Crystal Palace
Cullimore Hall
Cumberland Diagnostic Treatment Center
Cunard Building
Cunard Hall
Curtiss-Wright Building
Cushman Row
Cypress Hall
Cypress Hills Senior Citizen Center
D'Angola Gymnasium
Dakota Apartments
Dana Relief Society
Dance Theatre of Harlem
Daryl Roth Theater
David Dubinsky Student Center
David Sarnoff Building
Daytop Village
De Forest Building
Dealy Hall
Decoration and Design Building
Delano Hall
Delany Hall
Delmonico Plaza
Department of Sanitation District 6 Garage
DeSilva Hall
Detlev W Bronk Laboratory
Deutsch-Amerikanische Schutzen Gesellschaft
Deutsches Haus
DeVinne Press Building
Dia Center for the Arts
Dickson Hall
Directors Guild of America Theatre
Dodge Hall
Domestic Relations Court
Donovan Hall
Dougall Hall
Downs Hall
Downtown Community Television Center
Drop-In Center
Drumgoole Cottage
Duane Hall
Dudley Memorial
Duffy Hall
Duval Cottage
Dyckman House
Eagle Hose and Chemical Company Number 4
Eagle Rescue Squad
Eagle Theater
Earl Hall
East 86th Street Cinemas
East Bronx NAACP Day Care Center
East Building
East Jersey State Prison
East Midtown Plaza
East Orange Campus of the VA New Jersey Health Care System
East Orange City Hall
East Orange Truck Company Number 3
Eastchester Road Residence Complex
Eastern District YMCA
Eastview Towers
Eaton Memorial Home
Eberhardt Hall
Eden House for the Mentally Retarded
Edgar M Bronfman Center for Jewish Student Life
Edgewater Emergency Medical Services
Edward Murawski Tower
Edwin Markham Child Care Center
Egyptian Mission To the United Nations
Eightyfirst Precinct Police Station
Eightyfourth Precinct Police Station
Eightythird Precinct Police Station
Eisner Hall
Electrical and Computer Engineering Building
Eli White Hall
Eliut Salon
Elizabeth CBOC
Elizabeth City Hall
Elizabeth Hook and Ladder Company Number 3
Elizabeth Hook and Ladder Company Number 4
Elliott Hall
Elm Towers
Embassy I Theater
Emergency Medical Response of New Jersey
Emergency Medical Team
Empire State Building
Endicott Apartments
Englehard Hall
Englewood Cliffs Boro Hall
English Speaking Union
Enterprise Development Center Number 2
Enterprise Development Center Number 3
Equitable Building
Equitable Center
Essex County Correctional Facility
Essex County Courthouse
Essex County Hall of Records
Essex County Juvenile Detention Center
Essex County Police Academy
Essex Generating Station
Essex Valley Medical Transportation Services
Estelle R Newman City Center Jewish Guild for the Blind
Estonian House
Euphoria Spa NYC
Execution Rocks Lighthouse
Eye Institute Research Laboratories
Faber Hall
Faculty Memorial Hall
Fahy Hall
Fair Theatre
Fairview Emergency Response Unit
Falk Recreation Center
Family Court City of New York
Far Rockaway Power Station
Farinella Gate
Farrell Hall
Fashion Accessories Center
Fayerweather Hall
Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Federation of Yugoslavia Mission To the United Nations
Feigen and Co.
Ferry Building
Fiesta de los Ninos Day Care Center
Fifth Precinct Station House
Fiftieth Precinct Station House
Fifty-fifth Plaza
Fiftyfifth Street Playhouse
Fiftyfourth Street Public Bath and Gymnasium
Film Forum
Filomen D'Agostino Residence Hall
Findlay House
Finlay Hall
Finley Hall
First United Lemberger Home For The Aged
Fisk Building
Fiske Hall
Fitch Building
Fitzgerald Gymnasium
Five Towns Community House
Flatbush Boys Club
Flatbush Town Hall
Flexner Hall
Florence E Smith Community Center
Florence Nightingale Nursing Home
Floyd Hall Ice Arena
Flynn Hall
Footprints Dance Theater
Ford Center for the Performing Arts
Fordham Arms Nursing Home
Fordham Plaza
Fordham University Emergency Medical Services
Forest Hills Tower
Forman Building
Fort Tryon Nursing Home
Fortieth Precinct Police Station
Fortyeighth Precinct Police Station
Fortyeighth Precinct Station House
Fortyfifth Precinct Police Station
Fortyfirst Precinct Police Station
Fortyfourth Precinct Police Station
Fortyninth Precinct Police Station
Fortysecond Precinct Police Station
Fortyseventh Precinct Police Station
Fortysixth Precinct Police Station
Fortythird Precinct Station House
Founders Hall
Frampton Hall
Fraunces Tavern
Fred F French Building
Fred P Pomerantz Art and Design Center
Frederick Ferris Thompson Memorial Hall
Freeman Hall
Freeman Hall
Friar's Club
Friends House In Rosehill
Fuller Building
Fulton Building
Fulton Community Correctional Facility
Fulton Hall
Fulton House
Fulton Park Plaza
Furnald Hall
Furuseth Hall
Gagosian Gallery
Gainsborough Studios
Gallant Mobile Transportation
Gallery of Modern Art
Garfield City Hall
Garrison Building
Gasser Hall
George Cromwell Center
George Herlich Juvenile Detention Center
George M Ring Building
George R Newman Center
Georgian Residence Building
Gerald S Lieblich Learning Resources Center
German House
Germania Building
Gershwin Hall
Gertz Center
Gertz Plaza
Gibbs Hall
Gilbreth House
Girard Building
Gladys and Roland Harriman Building
Glenn Gardens
Go Pretty
Goelet Building
Goelet Building
Goethals Hall
Golden Dome Athletic Center
Golden Theatre
Golden Tower
Golding Building
Goldstein Theater
Gorham Building
Gould Annex
Gould Hall of Technology
Gould Residence Hall
Grace Dodge Hall
Grace Memorial House
Grace Theatre
Gracie Mansion
Gramercy House
Gramercy Place
Gramercy Theater
Grand Central Terminal
Grand Opera House
Green Sixth Avenue Building
Greenberg Hall
Greenpoint Branch YMCA
Greenpoint Home for the Aged
Greenwall Pavilion
Greenwich House
Grey Art Gallery
Grolier Club
Ground Zero
Gruss Magnetic Resonance Research Center
Guatemalan Mission to the United Nations
Guggenheim Hall
Gunther Building
Guttenberg Information Technologies Center
H Percy Silver Parish House
Hackensack City Hall
Hackensack Meadowlands Environmental Center
Haffen Building
Hale House Center
Hall of Fame for Great Americans
Hall of Fame Playhouse
Hall of Languages
Hamilton Fish Park Play Center
Hamilton Hall
Hamilton House
Hancock Building
Harborview Hall
Harkness Pavilion
Harkness Theatre
Harlem Branch YMCA
Harlem Community Center
Harlem Community Clinic
Harlem Courthouse
Harlem State Office Building
Harmon Cove Towers
Harmonie Club
Harris Hall
Hartley Hall
Harvey Building
Hatzalah Emergency Medical Services
Havemeyer Hall
Havemeyer Laboratory and Annex
Hayden Hall
Hayden House
Hayden Planetarium
Hazelden New York
Hebrew Infant Asylum
Helen Goodhart Altschul Hall
Helen Reid Hall
Helmsley Building
Hemmerdinger Hall
Henri Bendel Building
Henry L Moses Research Institute Building
Henry Street Studios
Herbert Irving Pavilion
Heritage Hall
Hersh Tower Building
Hewitt Hall
Hickson W Field Building
Hill Hall
Hineni Heritage Center
Hispanic Society of America
Hoboken Board of Education
Hoboken City Garage
Hoboken City Hall
Hoboken Rescue Company Number 1
Hoffman - Laroche Emergency Squad
Hogan Hall
Holland Building
Holland House
Holland Nursing Home
Holland Plaza Building
Hollis Hall
Holy Angels Cottage
Holy Rosary Youth Center
Home for the Aged of the Little Sisters
Horace Mann Hall
Hostel for the Disabled
Hotel Churchill
Hotel Des Artistes
Howard Building
Howard Building
Hudson County Correctional Center
Hudson County Courthouse
Hudson County Juvenile Detention Center
Hudson Towers
Hughes Hall
Hugot Building
Hunters Point Plaza
Hunters View
Hunts Point Multi-Service Center
Hutchinson Hall
Ifetayo Cultural Arts Facility
Imperial Theater
Independence House
Independence Plaza North
India House
Industria Superstudio
Ingersoll Hall
Inner City Transit Medical Transportation
Interchurch Center
International Arrivals Building
International Center of Photography
International Matex Tank Terminal Emergency Response
International Merchant Marine Company Building
Inwood Hill Park Ecology Center
Iphigene Ochs Sulzberger Hall
Irish Arts Center
Irvington Municipal Building
Istituto Italiano Di Cultura
Ivy Court
Izod Center
J Hood Wright Recreational Center
Jackson Triplex Theatre
Jacob Javits Convention Center
Jacob K Javits Federal Office Building
Jacob M Kaplan Building
Jacob Riis Houses
Jamaica Arts Center
Jamaica Business Resource Center
James E Kirk Community Center
James Hall
James J. Peters VA Medical Center (Bronx, NY)
James Kent Hall
James S White Building
Jane B Aron Residence Hall
Jane Street Theatre
Japan House
Jefferson Hall
Jefferson Towers
Jeffreys Hook Light
Jerome Avenue Gate House and Police Station
Jerome L Greene Hall
Jerome S Coles Sports and Recreation Center
Jersey City CBOC
Jersey City City Hall
Jersey City Police Headquarters
Jewish Home and Hospital for the Aged
John and Mary R Markle Memorial Residence
John Cardinal O'Connor Hall
John D Rockefeller Junior and David Rockefeller Research Building
John F Kennedy Tower
John Jay Hall
Johnny Otis Gardens
Jones Hall
Joseph Curran Plaza
Journal Square Transport Center
Joyce Theatre
Jubilee Hall
Judge Building
Judith Lynn's Home for Adults
Judson Hall and Tower
Julio De Burgos Latino Cultural Center
Julius and Armand Hammer Health Sciences Center
Kallman Home for Children
Kaskel and Kaskel Building
Kaufman's Astoria Motion Picture And Television Center
Kearney and Van Tassel Auction Stables
Kearny Emergency Medical Services
Kearny Generating Station
Kearny Volunteer Emergency Rescue Squad
Keating Hall
Kelleher Center
Kennedy Childrens Home
Kennedy House
Kent Avenue Generating Station
Kent Theatre
Keppel Building
Kessler Institute For Rehabilitation
Kettering Research Laboratory
Keuffel and Esser Building
Kiely Hall
Kimball Hall
King Hall
Kings Terrace Nursing Home
Kingsbridge Plaza
Kips Bay Boys Club
Kips Bay Building
Kips Bay Plaza
Kirby Hall
Kissena Hall
Klapper Hall
Klitgord Center
Knepper Building
Kneses Israel Hall
Knickerbocker Club
Knoll International Design Center
Knolls Shopping Center
Knox Hat Building
Kohlmann Hall
Korean Youth Center of New York
Kosciuszko Foundation
Kupfrian Hall
Kuwait Mission to the United Nations
La Maison Francaise
La Rochelle
Labor Lyceum
Laconia Nursing Home
LaGrange Terrace
Lambs Theater
Land Hall
Langdon Building
Larkin Hall
Lasdon House
Laser Cosmetica
Laser Cosmetica - 23rd Street
Laser Cosmetica - 40th Street
Laser Cosmetica - 57th Street
Laser Cosmetica - 73rd Street
Laser Cosmetica - Financial District
Latimar Gardens Community Center
Laurel Hall
Lavelle Hall
Lawrence C Kolb Research Building
Lawrence Village Hall
Le Gendarme
Le Mondrian
Lefferts Homestead
Lehman Brothers Building
Lehman Hall
Leo Hall
Lesbian and Gay Community Services Center
Lever House
Lewis Hall
Lewisohn Hall
Lexington Building
Liberty Gateway
Liberty Science Center
Liberty Theatre
Liberty Tower
Liberty Truck Company Number 2
Liberty Warehouse
Liederkranz Club
Life Building
Life Hall
Life Streams Medical Transportation
Lifeline Medical Services
Liggett Hall
Lincoln Building
Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts
Lincoln Correctional Facility
Lincoln Plaza Tower
Lincoln Square
Lincoln Towers
Lincoln Triangle
Lincoln-Amsterdam House
Linden Boulevard Multiplex Cinemas
Linden Emergency Medical Services
Linden Generating Station
Linden Recreation Hall
Lion's Court
Litchfield Mansion
Lithuanian Cultural Center
Little Cary Building
Little Red Lighthouse
Loew Annex
Loew Hall
Loew's Kings Theater
Loews Oriental Theatre
Lombardi Memorial Center
London Terrace
Long Island City Branch New York State Supreme Court
Look Building
Lost Battalion Hall
Louis Abrons Arts for Living Center
Louis N Jaffe Art Theatre
Loyola Hall
Lucy Peters International, LTD.
Lyndhurst Police Emergency Squad
MacCracken Hall
Macy Hall
Madison Coach Services
Madison Square Boys Club
Madison Square Garden Center
Mahoney Hall
Main Building Pratt Institute
Main Hall
Maison Francaise
Majestic Apartments
Majestic Theater
Mallory Hall
Management Education Center
Manhattan Campus of the VA NY Harbor Healthcare System
Manhattan Center Studios
Manhattan Criminal Courts Building
Manhattan Detention Complex
Manhattan Eye Ear and Throat Institute
Manhattan Grit Chamber
Manhattan Place
Manhattan Plaza
Manhattanville Neighborhood Center
Maple Plaza
Maplewood First Aid Squad
Marcellus Hartley Dodge Physical Fitness Center
Marcus Garvey Nursing Home
Margaret Louisa Home YWCA
Marguerite Hall
Maria Lopez Plaza
Mark Hellinger Theater
Market Building
Marshak Hall
Martyrs Court
Marvin Feldman Center
Maspeth Town Hall
Master Apartments
Mayflower Professional Building
Mazer Building
McBain Hall
McBurney YMCA
McCarren Park Play Center
McEachern Hall
McGinley Center
McNulty Gate
McNulty Hall
McQuaid Hall
McVickar Hall
Meadow Lake Boathouse
Meadowlands Emergency Medical Services
Mechanical Engineering Center
Megerle Hall
Meister Hall
Melrose Common
Melville Hall
Memorial Auditorium
Memorial Hall
Memorial Sloane - Kettering International Center
Men's House of Detention
Mercer Street Residence Hall
Merck Emergency Medical Services
Merkin Concert Hall
Messiah Home for Children
Methodist Book Concern
Metro Communications Center
Metro Theater
Metropolitan Club
Metropolitan Correctional Center
Metropolitan Detention Center Brooklyn
Metropolitan Opera House
Metropolitan Tower
Michelangelo Apartments
Mickey Walker Community Center
Microelectronics Center
Midtown Community Court
Midtown North Precinct Police Station
Midtown South Precinct Police Station
Milbank Hall
Millicent McIntosh Center
Mills and Gibb Building
Minetta Lane Theatre
Minor Latham Playhouse
Mitzi E Newhouse Theater
Mohawk Building
Monroe Center for the Arts
Montauk Club
Montgorts Dining Hall
Moonachie First Aid and Rescue Squad
Mooney Hall
Morehead Halll
Morgan Court
Morgan First Aid Squad
Morningside House Nursing Home
Morris - Jumel Mansion
Morris A Schapiro Hall
Morse Building
Mosholu Preservation Organization Headquarters
Most Worshipful Enoch Grand Lodge
Mother Joseph Residence Hall
Mount Carmel Guild Behavioral Healthcare System
Mount Carmel Towers
Mount Loretto Boys Home
Mount Loretto Girls Home
Mulcahy Hall
Multi-Service Community Center
Murphy Hall
Murray-Weigel Hall
Muslim Community Center
Nadia's Performing Arts Center
Namm Hall
Nathan Cummings Center
National Academy of Design
National Democratic Club
National Institute of Arts and Letters
Neighborhood Preservation Center
Neil Simon Theater
Neumann Hall
Neumann House
New Academic Building
New Academic Building 2
New Amsterdam Building
New Amsterdam Roof Theatre
New Amsterdam Theatre
New Brighton Nursing Home
New City Community Clinic
New Dramatists Theater
New Era Building
New Fortysecond Street's Rehearsal Building
New Hall
New India House
New Jersey Department of Corrections Adult Diagnostic and Treatment Center
New Jersey Performing Arts Center
New Jersey Small Business Development Center
New Jersey State Police Troop B Irvington Station
New Jersey State Police Troop B Metro North Station
New Jersey State Police Troop D Newark Station
New Jersey State Police Troop E Bloomfield Station
New Utrecht Nursing Home
New Victory Theater
New York Academy of Medicine
New York Aquarium
New York City Board of Education Headquarters
New York City Board of Higher Education Headquarters
New York City Criminal Courts Building
New York City Department of Corrections Rikers Island Facilities
New York City Department of Investigation
New York City Hall
New York City Police Headquarters
New York City Supreme Court
New York City Transit Authority Headquarters
New York Clearing House Association
New York Cocoa Exchange Building
New York Congreagational Home for the Aged
New York Decontamination Company 2
New York Foam Company 81
New York Foam Company 82
New York Foam Company 83
New York Foam Company 84
New York Foam Company 85
New York Foam Company 86
New York Foam Company 87
New York Foam Company 88
New York Foam Company 91
New York Hall of Science
New York Hook and Ladder Company 36
New York Hook and Ladder Company 48
New York Hook and Ladder Company Number 17
New York Hook and Ladder Company Number 29
New York Hook and Ladder Company Number 32
New York Hook and Ladder Company Number 42
New York Ladder Company 1
New York Ladder Company 10
New York Ladder Company 101
New York Ladder Company 102
New York Ladder Company 103
New York Ladder Company 104
New York Ladder Company 105
New York Ladder Company 106
New York Ladder Company 107
New York Ladder Company 108
New York Ladder Company 109
New York Ladder Company 11
New York Ladder Company 110
New York Ladder Company 111
New York Ladder Company 112
New York Ladder Company 113
New York Ladder Company 115
New York Ladder Company 117
New York Ladder Company 118
New York Ladder Company 119
New York Ladder Company 12
New York Ladder Company 120
New York Ladder Company 121
New York Ladder Company 123
New York Ladder Company 124
New York Ladder Company 125
New York Ladder Company 126
New York Ladder Company 127
New York Ladder Company 128
New York Ladder Company 129
New York Ladder Company 130
New York Ladder Company 131
New York Ladder Company 132
New York Ladder Company 133
New York Ladder Company 134
New York Ladder Company 135
New York Ladder Company 136
New York Ladder Company 137
New York Ladder Company 138
New York Ladder Company 14
New York Ladder Company 140
New York Ladder Company 142
New York Ladder Company 143
New York Ladder Company 144
New York Ladder Company 146
New York Ladder Company 147
New York Ladder Company 148
New York Ladder Company 149
New York Ladder Company 15
New York Ladder Company 150
New York Ladder Company 151
New York Ladder Company 152
New York Ladder Company 153
New York Ladder Company 154
New York Ladder Company 155
New York Ladder Company 156
New York Ladder Company 157
New York Ladder Company 158
New York Ladder Company 159
New York Ladder Company 16
New York Ladder Company 160
New York Ladder Company 161
New York Ladder Company 162
New York Ladder Company 163
New York Ladder Company 164
New York Ladder Company 165
New York Ladder Company 166
New York Ladder Company 167
New York Ladder Company 168
New York Ladder Company 169
New York Ladder Company 170
New York Ladder Company 172
New York Ladder Company 173
New York Ladder Company 174
New York Ladder Company 175
New York Ladder Company 176
New York Ladder Company 19
New York Ladder Company 2
New York Ladder Company 21
New York Ladder Company 22
New York Ladder Company 23
New York Ladder Company 26
New York Ladder Company 27
New York Ladder Company 28
New York Ladder Company 30
New York Ladder Company 31
New York Ladder Company 32
New York Ladder Company 33
New York Ladder Company 34
New York Ladder Company 35
New York Ladder Company 36
New York Ladder Company 37
New York Ladder Company 38
New York Ladder Company 4
New York Ladder Company 40
New York Ladder Company 41
New York Ladder Company 43
New York Ladder Company 44
New York Ladder Company 45
New York Ladder Company 46
New York Ladder Company 47
New York Ladder Company 49
New York Ladder Company 5
New York Ladder Company 50
New York Ladder Company 51
New York Ladder Company 54
New York Ladder Company 56
New York Ladder Company 58
New York Ladder Company 59
New York Ladder Company 6
New York Ladder Company 61
New York Ladder Company 7
New York Ladder Company 76
New York Ladder Company 77
New York Ladder Company 78
New York Ladder Company 80
New York Ladder Company 81
New York Ladder Company 82
New York Ladder Company 83
New York Ladder Company 84
New York Ladder Company 85
New York Ladder Company 86
New York Ladder Company 87
New York Ladder Company 9
New York Mercantile Exchange
New York Rescue Company 4
New York Rescue Company 5
New York Satellite Company 1
New York Satellite Company 2
New York Satellite Company 3
New York Satellite Company 4
New York Satellite Company 5
New York Service Center Manhattan Plaza
New York State Supreme Court
New York State Theater
New York Stock Exchange
New York Structural Biology Center
New York Thawing Apparatus Company 64
Newark City Hall
Newark Emergency Management Office
Newman Center
Newman House
Newsweek Building
Nichols Hall
Nichols Hall
Nineteenth Precinct Police Station
Ninety fourth Precinct Police Station
Ninth Precinct Station House
North Arlington Volunteer Emergency Squad
North Bergen Emergency Medical Services
North Meadow Recreation Center
North Memorial Arbor
North Terminal
Northern State Prison
Nutley Volunteer Emergency and Rescue Squad
NY SKYRIDE at the Empire State Building
O'Hara Hall
O'Hare Hall
Oak Hall
Oakland Building
Oakwood Towers
Oceana Theatre
Oceanic Volunteer Hook and Ladder Company Number 1
Offerman Building
Old Austen House
Old New York County Courthouse
Old Orchard Shoal Lighthouse
Olin Hall
Olinville Nursing Home
Olivetti Building
Olson Hall
On Call Invalid Coach
On Time Transport
One Times Square
Onehundredeighth Precinct Police Station
Onehundredfifteenth Precinct Police Station
Onehundredseventh Precinct Police Station
Onehundredthirtyfifth Street Gatehouse New Croton Aqueduct
Onehundredtwentieth Precinct Police Station
Orwell House
Overlook Manor
Owen Dolen Golden Age Center
Oxford Nursing Home
Ozone Park Senior Center
Pabst Concert Hall
Painting Industry Welfare Building
Palace Theater
Palazzo d'Italia
Palisades Park Emergency Medical Services
Palisades Plaza
Palmer Hall
Panzer Gym
Paradise Theater
Paramount Plaza
Paramount Theatre Building
Park and Tilford Building
Park Avenue Tower
Park Belvedere
Park Row Syndicate Building
Parker Hall
Parkshore Manor Nursing Home
Partridge Hall
Passaic Emergency Medical Services
Passaic Truck Company Number 2
Paul Recital Hall
Paula Cooper Gallery
Paulian Hall
Payson House
Pelham Fritz Recreation Center
Pelham Parkway Nursing Home
Pellman Cottage
Penn Theatre
Pennsylvania Station
Permanent Mission of Egypt to the United Nations
Permanent Mission of India to the United Nations
Permanent Mission of Pakistan To the United Nations
Permanent Mission of the Peoples Republic of China to the United Nations
Permanent Mission of the Republic of Hungary to the United Nations
Permanent Mission of the Republic of Poland To the United Nations
Pershing Hall
Perth Amboy City Hall
Phipps House
Phipps Plaza
Phoenix House
Plaza Building
Plimpton Hall
Poe Cottage
Police Athletic League Bronx Community Center
Port Authority of New York and New Jersey George Washington Bridge
Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Teterboro Airport
Port Morris Power Station
Portico Place
Postal Telegraph Building
Postum Building
Potter Building
Powdermaker Hall
Powell Building
Pratt Activity/Resource Center
Prentis Hall
Presbyterian Building
President's House
Presidential Towers
Presidents Hall
Press Building
Prestige Care Medical Service
Princes Bay Light
Proprietary House
Prosser Boat House
Protestant Welfare Agencies Building
Providence Rest Home for Aged Women
Psychoeducation Center
Public School 1 Contemporary Arts Center
Public Theatre
Puck Building
Pulse Medical Transportation
Pupin Hall
Pyramid Garage
Queens Borough Hall
Queens City Prison
Queens Civil and Housing Court Building
Queens Criminal Court
Queens Family Court and City Agency Facility
Queens Ventilating Building Queens Midtown Tunnel
Queensboro Correctional Facility
Queensboro Home for Blind
Rahway City Hall
Rahway Theatre
Rathaus Hall
Raymond R Corbett Building
Razran Hall
Realty Building
Red Hawk Diner
Red Hook Community Center
Redwood Hall
Regent Theatre
Regina Pacis Residence For Senior Citizens
Remsen Hall
Renaissance Plaza
Renaissance Theater
Republic of Indonesia Delegation To the United Nations
Rescue Emergency Medical Services
Research and Learning Center
Reuters Building
Rhinelander Hall Residence Complex
Rialto Building
Richard Rodgers Theater
Richardson Hall
Richmond County Court House
Richmond County Family Courthouse
Richmond University Medical Center Bayley Seton Campus
Richmond Welfare Center
Ridgefield Park Rescue Squad
Ridgewood/Bushwick Community Youth Center
Riesenberg Gymnasium
Ritz Building
Ritz Tower
River Hall
River House
River Mansion
River's Edge
Riverbank West
Riverdale Towers
Riverview Towers
Riviera Towers
Robbins and Appleton Building
Robbins Auditorium
Robbins Reef Lighthouse
Robert F Kennedy Hall
Robert K Kraft Center for Jewish Student Life
Robeson Campus Center
Rockefeller Center
Rockefeller Research Laboratories
Rod Rogers Dance Theatre
Rodin Studios
Roger Hall
Rogers Hall
Romanian Cultural Center
Romer Shoal Light
Roosevelt Building
Roosevelt Building
Roosevelt Hall
Rosati Hall
Roscoe C Brown Junior Student Union
Roselle Park First Aid Squad
Rossleigh Court
Rousso Building
Ruggles Hall
Russ Hall
Russell Hall
S W Mudd Hall
Sage House
Saint Adalbert Auditorium
Saint Albans Veterans Administration - Extended Care Center
Saint Albert Hall
Saint Andrew's Hall
Saint Anns Home for Aged
Saint Anthonys Orphanage
Saint Augustine Hall
Saint Blaise Youth Center
Saint Francis Home
Saint George Building
Saint James Parish Hall
Saint James Tower
Saint James Towers
Saint John Hall
Saint John's Bread And Life Center
Saint John's Hall
Saint Joseph Hall
Saint Joseph Home
Saint Joseph's Building
Saint Joseph's Hall
Saint Josephs Hall
Saint Louis Senior Citizens Center
Saint Louise De Marillac Hall
Saint Luke's Senior Center
Saint Lukes Housing for the Elderly
Saint Margaret's House
Saint Mary's Hall
Saint Mary's Hall
Saint Marys Orphanage
Saint Michaels Hall
Saint Patrick's Home for the Aged
Saint Paul's Center
Saint Peter's Parish Hall
Saint Robert's Hall
Saint Vincent Hall
Saint Vincent's Building
Salem Towers
Salvation Army Building
Samuel B and David Rose Building
Samuels Hall
San Remo Apartments
Sands Point Lighthouse
Savoy Manor Hall
Schapiro Center for Engineering and Physical Science Research
Schering - Plough Emergency Rescue Squad
Schering - Plough Emergency Rescue Squad
Schermerhorn Building
Schermerhorn Hall
Schermerhorn Hall
Schomburg Center for Research In Black Culture
Schwartz Pavilion
Schwartz Research Building
Science Building
Science Building
Science Hall
Scott Tower
Sculpture For Living
Sea View Hospital Rehabilitation Center and Home
Seamen's Church Institute
Seaport Manor Nursing Home
Seaport Park
Seaport Tower
Second Stage Theater
Senior Care Emergency Medical Services
Sephardic Home For The Aged
Serena Spa
Serra Hall
Seth Low Hall
Seventh Precinct Station House
Seventieth Precinct Police Station
Seventyeighth Precinct Police Station
Seventythird Precinct Police Station
Sewaren Generating Station
Shaair Torah Community Center
Shearson Lehman Plaza
Sheepshead Theatre
Shepard Hall
Sherman Fairchild Center for the Life Sciences
Sherman Square Studios
Shield of David Home
Shirley Goodman Resource Center
Singer Building
Sisters of Saint Dominic Motherhouse
Sixth Street Community Center
Sixtysecond Precinct Police Station
Sixtysixth Precinct Police Station
Sloan House
Smith Building
Smith Building
Smith Hall
Snug Harbor Cultural Center
Society for Relief of the Destitude Blind
Sony Tower
Sophie Fricke Hall
South Bronx Job Corps Center
South Hall
South Hall
South Memorial Arbor
South Orange Rescue Squad
Southbridge Towers
Sozio Hall
Spanish Institute
Speech Building
Spellman Hall
Spellman Hall
Spero Building
Spingler Building
Spirit Cruises
Spiro Hall
Spiro Sports Center
Split Rock Nursing Home
Springler Building
Springs Mills Building
Stabile Hall
Stafford Hall
Starrett-Lehigh Building
Staten Island Borough Hall
Staten Island Community Clinic
Staten Island Ferry Terminal
Staten Island Institue of Arts and Sciences
Steinman Hall
Steinway Hall
Stepping Stones Light
Sterling Plaza
Stevenson Commons
Stevenson Towers
Stich Medical Offices
Stone Hall
Stonewall Inn
Stonsby Commons
Storefront for Art and Architecture
Stork Club
Strong Place Day-Care Center
Student Center
Student Center and Annex
Stuyvesant-Fish House
Suite 303
Sullivan Hall
Sun Building
Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall
Sunset Gardens
Sunset Play Center
Sunshine Gardens
Surrogate's Court
Sutton Hall
Swedish Consulate and Permanent Mission To the United Nations
Swedish Home for the Aged
Symphony Space
Taft Day Care Center
Tanger Hillel House
Tavern On the Green
Teaneck Town Hall
Technical Center Bathgate Industrial Park
Ted Weiss Federal Building
Temple Bar Building
Temple Court
Terminal 1
Terminal 2
Terminal 3
Terminal 4E
Terminal 4W
Terminal 5
Terminal 6
Terminal 7
Terminal 8
Terminal 9
Terminal A
Terminal B
Terminal C
Terrace On the Park
Terraceview Towers
Thayer Street Telephone Exchange
The Alexander Kasser Theater
The Alexandria
The Alma Salon NYC
The Archives
The Ardea
The Arts Center
The Atrium
The Aylsmere
The Beacon
The Beresford
The Boulevard
The Brentmore
The Broadway
The Brockholst
The Bromley
The Chatsworth
The Clark Studio Theater
The Columbia
The Columns
The Copley
The Corinthian
The Cornwall
The Coronado
The Dorilton
The Drawing Center
The Earlton
The Enclave
The Evelyn
The Factory
The Galleria
The Hampshire
The Hampton
The Hartford
The Horizon
The Kenilworth
The Lancaster
The Langham
The Madison
The Memphis Downtown
The Milan
The Montana
The Normandy
The Packard
The Players
The Portsmouth
The Prasada
The Red House
The Renwick
The Ride
The Seminole
The Sequoia
The Studio Building
The Towers
The Town House
The Urban Center
The West Coast
The Whitney
The Wintergarden
Thebaud Hall
Theobald Smith Hall
Theodore Roosevelt United States Courthouse
Theresa Towers
Thirtieth Precinct Police Station
Thirty fourth Precinct Police Station
Thirtythird Precinct Station House
Thomas B. Noonan Community Clinic (Queens)
Thorndike Hall
Thrift Hall
Throgs Neck Lighthouse
Tiernan Hall
Tierney Hall
Tilden Towers
Times Square Tower
Times Square Visitors Center
Tiro A Segno
Tisch Hall
Tompkins Park Recreation Center
Tower 56
Towers at Mariners Cove
Town Club
Town Hall
Townley House
Townsend Hall
Tracey Towers
Traffic Building
Tribeca Bridge Tower
Tribeca Green
Tribeca Pointe
Tribeca Tower
Tristram W Metcalf Hall
Troy Towers
Trump Building
Trump Place
Trump Tower
Trump World Tower
Turkish Islamic Cultural Center
Twentieth Precinct Police Station
Twentyeighth Precinct Police Station
Twentyfourth Precinct Police Station
Twentysecond Precinct Police Station
Twentythird Precinct Police Station
Twin Peaks
Ukrainian Academy of Arts and Sciences
Ukrainian Institute of America
Unification Church Headquarters
Union Building
Union City Emergency Medical Services
Union Club of New York
Union County Administrative Building
Union County Courthouse
Union County Jail
Union Inland Terminal Number 1
United Engineering Center
United II Care Medical Transportation
United Nations Development Program
United Nations Headquarters
United Nations Plaza
United States Customs and Border Protection Port of Entry New York - Newark
United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement Elizabeth Detention Facility
United States Marshals Service Newark District Headquarters
United States Park Police - Ellis Island
United States Region II Social Security Administration Headquarters
United Synagogue of America Building
University Center
University Hall
University of Pennsylvania Club
Uptown Racquet Club
Uris Hall
Van Pelt Manor House
Vander Clute Hall
Variety Arts Theatre
Vaughn Eames
Vela Spa
Verona Rescue Squad
Vickery Gate
Virginia Frese Hall
Virginia Theater
Virgo Medical Services
Vivian Beaumont Theater
Volunteers of America Childrens Home
W R Grace Building
Wagner Union
Walker Park Recreation Building
Wall Street Plaza
Wallace Building
Wallach Hall
Wallington Borough Hall
Wallington Emergency Squad
Wallington Hose Company Number 3
Wallington Truck Company Number 1
Walnut Avenue Bus Depot
Walsh Hall
Walter Reade Theater
Warren - Tricomi Salon
Warren Building
Warren Weaver Hall
Washington Arch
Washington Court
Washington Hall
Washington Manor
Washington Park Hose Company Number 2
Water Taxi
Watt Hall
Waxman Building
Webbtree Building
Webster Hall
Welch Hall
Wellpath Hollistic Spa
West 59th Street Generating Station
West Bank Lighthouse
West Brighton Community Center
West Building
West End Building
West New York Volunteer Emergency Medical Services
West Orange First Aid Squad
West Side YMCA
Westchester Branch Bronx YMCA
Westside Airlines Terminal
Westyard Distribution Center
White Plains Nursing Home
White Street Correctional Facility
Whitehall Building
Whitehead Hall
Whiteman Hall
Whitman Hall
Whittier Hall
Wien Hall
Wilbraham Building
Wildenstein & Co., Inc
Wiley Hall
Wilkens Theatre
William And June Warren Hall
William S Paley Building
Willis Hall
Wilson Major Morris Community Center
Wilson Residence Hall
Wingate Hall
Winter Garden Theater
Woodbridge Developmental Center
Woodbridge Hall
Woodward Hall
Woolworth Building
Workmens Circle Community Center
World Wide Tower
World's Tower Building
Wright Center On Aging
Wunsch Hall
Wyckoff Building
Xavier Hall
Y Building
Yocum Sailing Center
York Center for Environmental Engineering and Science
Zeckendorf Health Sciences Center
Zoom Fleisher Athletic Center